Helping people better prepare for their retirement

Founded in 2004

Our Story

Retirement Solutions, LLC, was originally launched as a financial services firm with one purpose in mind – To help people better prepare for their retirement. We have had quite the journey since then, working with a diverse clientele that now includes individuals, employees, career professionals, educators, business owners and many more, all who value our services as a team of experienced financial professionals. 

In our opinion, we have always believed that retirement should be a time to relax and enjoy yourself. It’s our job to listen to our client’s concerns and help guide them on the right path in order to have a more realistic chance of achieving their goals. Our sincere hope, is that our clients will have fewer financial worries and greater peace of mind at a time when it will matter the most.

As part of our on-going efforts, we also believe in the importance of “giving back” as we continue to make financial literacy programs available to the general public in many upstate New York communities. As a result, this initiative continues to provide us with tremendous insight into the region’s demographics and has also allowed us to be more “in tune” with the needs of those who we serve. In addition, it also provides us with a unique competitive advantage that’s unrivaled by anyone. 



Company Heads

John N. Kalil
President & Founder
Charles J. Gonsalves
Managing Director of Professional Practice
Mark Kirsche


Our Value

Our knowledgeable and experienced team has over 60 years of combined professional experience working with individuals, educators, professionals, sole-proprietors and small business owners throughout New York State. Whether some is a novice looking to set up their first retirement savings account or just looking for some extra reassurance that they are on track for retirement, we will take the time to understand one’s personal situation and treat them with the utmost respect. In turn, the value that we provide to our clients is priceless, in order to avoid otherwise costly and unintentional financial mistakes.  




 Our Promise

We are committed to building long-standing relationships with our clients built upon the principles of honesty, integrity and trust. In addition, we are empathic to our client’s financial concerns regardless of their net worth. We also recognize the importance of providing an outstanding customer service experience that is personal, friendly and responsive to their needs.

Moving Forward

The COVID-19 pandemic and its overall impact on how we conduct business will create many new challenges for each of us. At Retirement Solutions, we recognize that everyone wants to get back to some sense of normalcy. However, what that “new normal” will look like, has yet to be fully understood. 

While there is no substitute for a warm handshake or an in-person meeting, our ability to adapt with change will be an integral part of our overall business strategy. 

At Retirement Solutions, we are committed to staying ahead of these challenges and view them as opportunities that will allow us to better connect with individuals while improving upon our inefficiencies. Through the use of expanded video conferencing and electronic document signing technologies, we believe that we can continue to deliver upon both our value and promise without compromising our client relationships. In addition, we are open and welcome to suggestions. 



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