Kandis Paolone

Strategic Partner (Medicare Specialist)

I began selling life, Health and accident plans and saw the complexity of Health Insurance, especially with ever changing Medicare rules. The struggle to comprehend and abide by guidelines, rates and penalties were apparent with everyone I had met.

I decided to be part of a bigger solution in helping those who need assistance in any area and not just during enrollment time. I’ve acquired much experience and knowledge from the amazing connections in our community that provide much needed valuable resources all year long.

I am an Independent Broker. That means I work for you. I don’t need to “sell” you a product that doesn’t fit your personal and health needs. I use information that you tell me is important to you and I educate you on which plan would work best for you and why.

I use simple math on paper to show you your savings, at ABSOLUTELY no cost to you ever!

Call me first!

Wondering if a new doctor is in network? What will your copay be? What fitness gym can I go to? How much will this new prescription cost? Trouble with a claim?

**Don’t press 1 to speak to a representative!**

Call me first! I will do this for my clients, never at a cost. My job is to keep you happy.


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